The altar table legend of the Rolex MILGAUSS Series Watch: 116400GV-72400

It was known as the "green glass" of the Rolex watch in popularity but with "green ghost" famous, this table is the reputation of the hard to find a table. Don't say to go to the store to buy, even if it is a fancy one eye is difficult, can be seen selling very well. This watch the spread of magical green represents vitality, and is the youngest looking Rolex in all tables. Rolex 116400GV-72400 design is very beautiful, fascinating. This is the highest recognition of Rolex watches, lightning hand orange, known as green sapphire table mirror, see if the uk replica watches has a pointer type lightning, then this must be the MILGAUSS series. The size of 40mm is small, but from the side table ears than the same diameter of the Daytona bigger, fine steel manufacturing case with chain is highly polished very comfortable. Black dial, in 3, 6, 9 points are orange time scales, different from other white standard because they are set up special luminous mark. Green sapphire table mirror to show time more clearly. The appearance is really beautiful in a complete mess, after all, impeccable, such a watch in the Rolex watch, can sell bursting is predictable, but its popularity is high. rolex replica uk is everyone loves, Xiao Bian also understand everybody's mood, so I go to Rolex stores around the consulting market. According to the story of 24 - 30 age men love steel section of the Rolex submariner (known as the sub), and the Silent Hunter is very tight, but the black spot, if you want to buy a general green paragraph also has the goods!!! But compared to the black, green to a little bit of trouble, must pay the full amount of 1: 70000,2: to wait about 2 - 3 months, to overcome these two problems, we can start the beloved green submariner, and wants to go to Hongkong to buy green submariner friends give up this idea. In Hongkong, there is no goods. Almost like a cloud with green Hunter MILGAUSS series (commonly known as green glass) is a store of goods, more fire Explorer also in the sale of flour. It is a pity that there is no discount on these popular styles, but in addition to sports class steel wrist watch can get 10 percent off discount, this is good in china. The following table in the form of a clear display of the popular style of the price, with the inventory. And Xiao Bian learned a while ago in Basel swiss replica watches Fair hot green week calendar type (known as DD) the fastest would, in 9, October listed in Hongkong, if you want to buy it soon to be early next year in China