2014 new Rolex landing Shanghai Exhibition

June 23, 2014, the world's top watch brand rolex replica uk in the Bund, Shanghai, Rolex world world, the grand opening of the 2014 Basel new world exhibition. After 3 months, we are really looking forward to the new Rolex watch at home first exposed picture, it is understood that the exhibition not only in the face of the media, the public will also have the opportunity to participate, to share the extraordinary work of Rolex. Rolex world Activities, Rolex brand arrangements for our new products and brand culture to explain. Since 1992, Rolex vertical integration product line since, although with the number and type of large brand products, but in the entire core concept and product characteristics is very clear, so when we are looking for their own Rolex, we have found a more reliable and effective basis. Rolex has been in everyone's impression is synonymous with durable, but we tend to ignore it in the work and the culture is also very prominent, from the oyster to the Silent Hunter to Deepsea, now back to the sea, we see Rolex in the field of diving tables to grow and break one; the table ear, adjustable chain, Crocodile Leather Watchband, double color ceramic ring, diamond inlaid and so on, all embody the exquisite appearance of Rolex watches. And so on, mentioned Rolex, there is always a topic we talk about. Rolex brand special experience Pavilion "Rolex, the world community as the world's only rolex replica watches brand experience Museum, officially launch in September 2011, with the help of Roosevelt private club such a platform that brings interactive experience worthy of the name for the public. After entering into the full European style "Rolex world - World", we see the brand carefully arranged to experience the scene, Rolex 2014 new posters show new sultry charm for us. In the display area, works beautifully in the window to let people linger. It is worth mentioning that the new show, also only will be held here, and will not do the national tour, so interested friends can take the opportunity to see. In the brand and the new table, a leisurely new Rolex gradually revealing the "true colors", so we discuss most watches, in the event, is undoubtedly the most talked about the sea, Cellini, Milguass and daytona. Cellini this year launched a new subversion of the previous Cellini modeling, Cellini remodeling after as grown up young artists, from the art of pure and more pragmatic transfer without losing quality. Cellini this year launched a total of 12 medals, three styles: third needle, third needle plus a pointer type calendar, 3-needle plus GMT, each of four medals, respectively, platinum and rose gold version of the disk, a white and black optional (site six.). Other Cellini watches The sea is the emergence of Basel this year, Rolex world to another big surprise to us, in the last century in 70s, Rolex and the French company COMEX cooperation, the brand has launched the sea to watch, but became more and more professional, the final success of another classic - Deepsea. Deepsea professional destined to its impossible to spread to the daily wear, so the sea to make the return of the type, 1220 meters waterproof plus automatic discharge of helium valve, professional diving and Japan are qualified. Every year, Rolex has micro innovation, new year replica watches uk is one of the minimally invasive Milguass, in 2009, Rolex launched the so-called "green glass", after 5 years, Rolex is not in this series on the article, this year, the brand added a blue disk for the lightning Heritage Classic plus, more stylish appearance, again as we present the unique charm of Milguass. Green glass Daytona is the most important Rolex products, but also the most popular series this year, Rolex added 116576 TBR Daytona, remember the blue disc ring Di brand launched last chestnuts with friends should not be unfamiliar, this low Tonna ice blue vice plate formal continuation of last year's color legend, and mosaic the top diamond, with platinum watchband and watchcase, to create the most exclusive daytona. In addition to the above works, a continuation of last year Rolex blue black ceramic extraordinary works, this year to watch the brand ring earlier blueprint for the design, the use of double color ceramic re interpretation, and equipped with 3186 automatic movement after the upgrade. As the most complex Rolex watch, Sky-Dweller is of course a not to be missed. Since its launch in 2012, every year in the continuous expansion of the brand series, this brand new three models, respectively, the use of gold and platinum, Everose gold field, we saw the platinum, from a personal point of view, the more I love leather Sky-Dweller. Damen, Rolex is the main focus of this year's new log pearl lady type 34 mm, a total of three styles, 6 watches, gold and platinum with ruby bezel with sapphire bezel, rose gold with diamond bezel, the ordinary watch chain and a diamond bracelet. It is worth noting that the log pearl lady type new 34 mm watch is equipped with a specially developed Syloxi gossamer brand silicon crystal, this unique hairspring by Rolex to obtain stereoscopic layout related patents, has become a hot topic this year. It is understood that these new products are expected at the end of the domestic market, this is only the exhibition, not the spot sale. Basel world is held every year, but Rolex has never expected. In 2012, Rolex launched the rainbow ring Daytona and new patent Sky-Dweller; in 2013, Rolex has a blue disc ring chestnut Daytona and six different surface color of DD; in 2014, the new Cellini and sea made available, red and blue circles of Greenwich type II remodeling classic; appear every time, Rolex people did not expect, but overjoyed.