Three different kinds of beauty

For a watch, of course, the most attractive is its unique design, after all, people first to see what it looks like. The famous masters Mr.Dimitri Cabiddu once said, for a watch, the shape design is the most important, if it is not beautiful if not pure in meaning. Although the aesthetic idea of each person is different, but there are some watches get most people's favor, now to introduce the three watches, they are: Rolex MILGAUSS 116400GV-72400, Patek Philippe Calatrava series, 5196P-001 series IW391019 Wan Guobai Tao Fei nobel. 116400GV-72400 rolex replica uk beautiful appearance with far more than the limited edition collection value, so that the "green glass" in Rolex fans most want to start on the list is not high. This one looks vibrant is definitely the best choice for leisure to watch watch, I think there is no better than it all-match. But this watch function is very powerful, good antimagnetic function is simple and very remarkable, in addition, the dynamic appearance, add a lot of personality for Rolex watches, excellent quality assurance pragmatism movement, the excellent performance of the watch, but also one of the reasons for brand can stand on top of the altar table. Whether it is business social occasions, or sports fitness places, green glass is enough to attract people's attention. But Federer is also fond of the tennis King Watch, the king also makes this popular estimation table sells a tiger with wings added. Patek Philippe Calatrava series never disappoints, 5196P-001 inherited Patek Philippe leading watchmaking level and quality awareness, to the appearance of chastity layout and high-quality material collocation, is a gorgeous elegant noble beyond. It is not the rich function configuration, also with the temperament of it in a certain extent, not seeking to do more, but to do good, it also reflects Patek Philippe's "boutique will". The superiority of it movement is strong support it function, is the important weight it on the level of high-end watches. The market reference price is 331500 yuan, although a lot of money, but the money you buy not only replica watches, and enhance the quality and status, and art, and the Patek Philippe brand has the ability to preserve and increase the appreciation of space. Choose Patek Philippe 5196P-001, will not be wrong. Protofino IW391019 watch looks back relief but also clever and capable, revealed that a trace of warmth. The main blue colors represent the disadvantaged children's hope, three eyes of design has been the classic elements of universal timing watches in the class. A limited number of 2500 also has no meaning. Although the movement is not produced, but after all of the 7750 movement of major changes and exquisite processing technology, the Swiss Observatory certification, quality assurance. Even keen on the movement of friends, this is also a good choice. Of course, this person also hope that through this series of watches help to suffer the disaster to people, pass the truth. Rolex MILGAUSS series 116400GV-72400 value of about 60 thousand or so, it was known as the "green glass" of the Rolex watch in popularity but with "green ghost" famous, this table is the reputation of the hard to find a table. This watch the spread of magical green represents vitality, and is the youngest looking Rolex in all tables. The more antimagnetic shockproof function is one of the best. Patek Philippe Calatrava series 5196P-001 price of about 200 thousand between -30 million, at a glance a delicate feeling, noble platinum case, 5196P double color silver dial to swiss replica watches this magnificent, willow shaped pointer plus full of Art Deco style bring soft lines, the overall appearance of classic and retro, from the material to the surface design and layout are all delivered with the awareness of quality. IWC Portofino series IW391019 price of about 50 thousand or so, the deep blue dial shows a deep, quiet beauty, with the blue as the main color, exudes a different kind of aesthetic. This design is for the memory of the memory of the children out of the disaster, showing the little girl for the future of unlimited longing and look forward to.